How does the Range Rover Sport SVR stack up?

March 14, 2016 7:56 pm |

When it comes to cars needed for extreme, off-road use, you might first jump to the Land Rover marque. Taking a more luxurious approach, however, the Range Rover branch from Land Rover is a fantastic option for those who want off-roading capabilities mixed in with a little bit of extra comfort.

The Range Rover Sport SVR takes both of those things to the absolute limit. Sitting atop the pyramid of the Range Rover selection, the Range Rover Sport SVR is powerful, dynamic, aggressive and smooth all in one attractively styled machine.

Power down – how fast will it go?

Speed has not always been attributed to the Range Rover marque, but that's not the case with this beast.

A 5.0-litre supercharged V8 sits under the hood of the Range Rover Sport SVR, and that throws down 680 Nm of torque at a staggering 405 kilowatts of power. In a heavy four-wheel drive, that number is unprecedented. All of that translates into a 4.7 second 0-100 kph time, equivalent to many supercars, which tops out at 260 kph.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is a touch under three metres long, and the performance that can be achieved from such an enormous car is quite hard to understand. Especially because, with that top speed and acceleration, there doesn't seem to be much lost in the way of features.

An acoustic laminated windscreen cuts out road noise and a heated rear window is perfect for getting out early in the day and finding off-road trails. You'll put your foot down on stainless steel accelerator and brake pedals, while illuminated door sills make you feel like you're stepping into a limousine.

Will it handle off-road?

Luxury cars aren't normally taken off-road, although this one is a little different. You can wade up to 850 millimetres, and in off-road mode you'll have 278 millimetres of ground clearance, meaning most sharp debris won't damage your car anywhere you take it.

Climbing or descending can also be done in off-road mode, and a 27-degree ramp angle is still accessible for the ascent, while on the way down you can safely dismount an obstacle at 31 degrees.

Your family will be safe as well, with advanced airbag systems and a serious-looking Brembo braking system that includes electronic brake force distribution, keeping the ride smooth through most corners that the Australian road will throw at you. Range Rover Sport TDV6 models achieved a five-star ANCAP safety rating (the Range Rover Sport SVR was not tested in Australia) but with more advanced safety technology as standard, it is likely to be in the same class.

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