What makes the Honda CR-V VTi such a great family car?

March 9, 2016 10:02 pm | macarthurhonda.com.au

There are many considerations that a family makes when it comes to deciding on the best car to transport loved ones.

The Honda CR-V VTi encompasses them all in a stylish package, and delivers great results on the road to boot.

How will the car keep my family safe?

Even in a crash the Honda CR-V VTi will provide the best protection to everyone in the family.

Not only does the Honda CR-V VTi provide great ride height as one of the marque's premier SUVs, sitting above the ground 170 millimetres, but the near-perfect ANCAP score will give you peace of mind with the kids in the back.

The car scored 35.91 out of 37 in the safety rating test, making it a five-star rated machine. This means that even in a crash the best protection will be provided to everyone in the family.

The advanced technology in the Honda CR-V VTi is also going to protect your most precious assets. The Collision Mitigation Braking System scans the road ahead as you drive, and alerts the driver to potential hazards. If it deems a situation to be unavoidable then it will automatically brake, reducing the impact of the collision and potentially being the difference between a call to the tow truck company or a trip to the hospital.

Further, the Lane Keep Assist System helps the driver to stay in the correct lane from data collected by a windscreen-mounted camera. If you are moving slightly out of your lane, the system will gently correct the steering wheel and keep you tracking on the right path. What's more, for those troubling blind spots in a car, Honda's LaneWatch technology provides a real-time view of the lane behind you when indicating. A hidden camera in both of the wing mirrors keeps you up-to-date and can prevent side impacts when switching lanes.

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What other technology can you count on?

Honda hasn't just equipped the car with all of the safety options you could possibly want, but the 7-inch infotainment system can be controlled with just the touch of a finger. Plus you can connect your smartphone for access to your personal music library that both you and your kids will enjoy. Front and rear speakers will appease people no matter where they sit, and the speed-sensitive volume compensation technology means that even when you're accelerating, your favourite bands will still be heard.

The Honda CR-V VTi is a fantastic family car that will keep your loved ones safe and entertained everywhere you go. Pop into Macarthur Automotive to see used and demonstration cars for sale today.