Is the Land Rover Defender 130 the best off-road car on the market?

April 18, 2016 8:29 pm |

Land Rover is virtually synonymous with amazing off-roading capabilities. It's absolutely no different with the Land Rover Defender 130 – in fact, the classic body shape hasn't changed for many years because of how functional it has been.

Almost unparalleled four-wheel drive capabilities are what makes the Land Rover Defender 130 stick out from the crowd, and so many people have bought them for just that reason. If you fancy a good bit of mud on the tyres and flying stones hitting the doors as you power your way up a rocky outcrop, this is the car for you.

It'll do that, or just tow the family boat down to the ramp to launch. Versatility is always the key for the Land Rover Defender 130.

Where can I take it?

You can really take the Land Rover Defender 130 anywhere at all.

Anywhere. That's a serious answer as well. You can really take the Land Rover Defender 130 anywhere at all. It'll climb at insane angles, grip in the wet and transport your family around on the school run, or just into town.

Land Rover has made sure of the versatility of this car, and it'll be obvious to you as soon as you take it for a spin yourself.

A 250-millimetre axle clearance will park your Land Rover Defender 130 on some pretty nasty surfaces without worrying about cracking your sump, while you can wade easily through 500 millimetres of water. That's a fairly deep boat launch. The point is, the car will be able to handle anything you can throw at it.

It might be rugged, but will it perform?

The Land Rover Defender 130 wasn't built for speed, but the 2.2-litre, four-cylinder diesel block still has 90 kilowatts of power with an enormous 320 Nm of torque. It might not be quick, but the engine has a lot of grunt. You'll be able to get places too, as the six-speed manual car uses only 11 litres per 100 kilometres – an absolutely staggering amount for a car that weighs more than 6.5 tonnes.

A huge fuel tank (75 litres) also means you can fill up once, get on the road and then totally forget about the need to pull over at the next petrol station. That's a pretty attractive prospect for anyone wanting fuel efficiency in their next SUV.

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The Land Rover Defender 130 is clearly in a fairly unique class, and it's almost certainly the most versatile car for your family. Call into your nearest Macarthur Automotive and check out our range of demonstration cars for sale.