6 signs your vehicle needs to be serviced soon

October 9, 2020 10:02 am | macarthurautomotive.com.au

If you’ve owned your car, ute, SUV or van for a while now, you might need to start thinking about getting it checked out by a trusted mechanic. The fact is, many of the long-term problems for any vehicle will crop up slowly over time, making them difficult to recognise. You might also just accept some of these difficulties as normal. However, they’re anything but.

The following examples are a few of the surefire signs that you need to get your vehicle serviced in the near future:

1) Difficulty starting

When you attempt to start your vehicle in the morning, does the engine turn over as expected? If not, or if it seems to take a little longer than it used to, something is most likely amiss under the hood. It will take an expert to truly diagnose what’s wrong, but this is often an indicator that you need to replace the battery or starter.

2) More stalling

If your vehicle has a standard transmission and it tends to stall out more frequently than it once did, that’s another big warning sign. This can happen when you’re stopped at intersections or when you step on the gas, and it also creates a safety issue if you find yourself in moving traffic when the engine stalls.

3) Feeling unresponsive

Sometimes, the problem with a vehicle isn’t that it stops running, but rather that it isn’t running like it should. For instance, if you press on the gas and the pedal seems less responsive to your need to accelerate than it used to, that’s often caused by a spark plug problem, but could be an indicator of bigger issues as well. In these cases, it’s critical to get components replaced with genuine, high-quality parts.

4) You see the ‘check engine’ light

It should go without saying that when the “check engine” light on your dashboard lights up, it’s an indicator of a real problem with your vehicle. However, many people will drive for hundreds of kilometres or more with this light – or other warning – illuminated. If you notice one, you should get the problem checked out at your earliest convenience. In some cases, the issue may be as simple as a malfunctioning sensor, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5) Bad vibrations

If you find that your vehicle starts to shake or vibrate a lot as you accelerate, once you reach a certain speed or if you’re braking, that should be a huge warning sign. Any number of things could be wrong with the vehicle, whether it’s under the hood or a problem with your wheel alignment. There’s no real way for you to be sure without a thorough checkup.

6) Unexpected noises

Likewise, if you start noticing that your vehicle makes strange or unexpected noises at any time – whether you’re just starting it up, accelerating, reaching a cruising speed on the highway or braking – that’s another big indicator of a problem. In many cases, the change in sound can be fairly subtle, but no one knows what it feels and sounds like to drive your vehicle like you do, so if anything seems amiss, it’s wise to get the problem checked out.

If any of the above indicators have cropped up in the course of your normal driving schedule of late, it’s probably time for a tune-up. Get in touch with the experts at Macarthur Automotives today.