What’s great about the Chrysler 300C?

January 4, 2016 8:17 pm | macarthurchrysler.com.au

Chrysler is one of those marques that is effortlessly cool. Drivers looking to create an impression of sophistication and class will find exactly what they're looking for in one of these swanky, streamlined automobiles. 

With a strong sense of identity, this is the perfect ride for those who like a bit of opulence and luxury.

The Chrysler 300C is one such car. With a strong sense of identity, this is the perfect ride for those who like a bit of opulence and luxury without being overly ostentatious. Book a test drive at Macarthur Automotive and get a feel for whether this car is right for you. 

How stylish is the Chrysler 300C?

The Chrysler 300C is the height of aesthetic excellence, which is exactly what you'd expect from a car of this make. A smooth, sleek exterior with long flowing lines and a strong sense of assertiveness make this Chrysler incredibly wonderful for confident, world-wise young men and women. 

18-inch alloy wheels contribute to the car's sense of competence and success while the prominent grille gives it the characteristic silhouette of a Chrysler. In terms of the interior, the car is upholstered with  crafted leather seats, allowing the car an expensively comfortable feel.

How well does it perform?

The car offers optimum performance, as the Chrysler 300C is powered by a 3.6L Pentastar V6 Petrol engine. Delivering 210 kilowatts and 340 newton metres of torque, this car doesn't just look good – it's also incredibly competent on the road.

An eight-speed automatic transmission allows for seamless gear transitions, but the rotary shifter is the real star of the show here. This gadget literally lets drivers change gears with the flick of a switch, making things more convenient. 

Where can I get it serviced?

Chryslers are sophisticated cars that require an expert level of care and maintenance. At Macarthur Automotive, this is exactly what we provide. Our mechanics are trained to understand the specifics of Chrysler engines, so owners can feel secure in the knowledge that their ride is in good hands. With locations across Queensland and New South Wales, we're also very convenient. Drop in for a servicing quote or alternatively browse our extensive range of Chryslers. 

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