Dash Camera

Having a dash camera in your car means supporting evidence at your fingertips – should you be involved in a car accident or witness one.

Window Tinting

Permagard Automotive offers customers two market-leading window film products tailored to meet every need. Utilising the very latest in UV and heat rejection technology, Permagard Window Films provides a superior tint solution. Aurora – the latest carbon-based darkest legal. Stratosphere - A ceramic film that maximises optical clarity, while building a comprehensive shield of protection from heat, glare and harmful UV and IR rays


Hydro G9+ Graphene

Delivers exceptional levels of hardness which translates to increased resistance to the elements and UV stability offering greater defence against fading and oxidation of clear and base coats. This newly formulated surface coating bonds deeper into the vehicle’s paintwork, is noticeably smoother to the touch and optically brighter.

​CERFACE Graphene

A ceramic treatment augmented with graphene, that interlocks with your vehicle's surface, creating an extra tough layer that delivers extreme durability and a long-lasting, super gloss finish. This extra tough surface will shine on wash after wash.

​Permagard Coatings

The Permagard Reactive Polymer exterior protection coating creates a unique barrier that, unlike wax or polish, molecularly bonds to paintwork, leaving a glass-like finish, which helps prevent oxidising and fading.

Hydro Coatings

Protectiv HYDRO is a combination of traditional and advanced ceramics transforming the vehicle's surfaces into super-hydrophobic coating providing a highly repellent, stain-resistant vehicle finish.

These above options are not available for all brands and vehicles to speak to one of our dedicated aftermarket consultants to find options suitable for you please submit your details and our team will be in touch.