Is Suzuki Ignis the new Swift?

April 18, 2018 8:22 am |,

The name Suzuki is now nearly synonymous with their Swift marque, such is the commercial success and critical esteem of the flagship model. The Suzuki Swift offered everything wanted in a small car – poise, style and a safe ride – so there's no surprise it reigns supreme in Suzuki showrooms.

But there's a new sheriff in town – the Suzuki Ignis GLX. A breath of fresh air into the saturated city car market, the Suzuki Ignis GLX returns after a decade-long absence. Blending stylish nostalgia with modern performance, the heir apparent is here. But is the new Suzuki Ignis GLX really the new Swift?

Matching the modern driving experience

The Suzuki Ignis GLX is tailor-made for the modern driving experience. It's at its happiest around town – here, the fuel-efficient engine comes into play as you wait at traffic lights or cruise through small streets, keeping your petrol costs down. The high cab positioning and outward visibility give you an unparalleled view of the road, meaning you're prepared for any surprise the city can throw at you.

The Suzuki Ignis GLX' tech features gives you further mastery over your journey:

  • Cruise control helps maintain even speeds on busy roads.
  • Satellite-assisted computer navigation makes your journey easier than ever.
  • A rear-view camera assists parking and reversing in even the narrowest of spaces.

Up against the Suzuki Swift, the marque's new Ignis GLX more than holds its own in delivering the modern driving experience.

Nostalgic style meets city size

The Suzuki Ignis GLX went off the market in the late 90s, and this throwback style is evident in every feature. Suzuki's new Ignis GLX was ahead of its time in that it was the first true marque crossover – a 'light SUV' more than capable of twisting and turning through any concrete jungle. But its looks are just the start of the appeal.

The perfect urban car is small and zippy – features the Suzuki Ignis GLX certainly have in spades. It's more compact than the Suzuki Swift without losing any of the seat space or cab comfort, making it even better at navigating tight city spaces. Suzuki's Ignis GLX also has greater ground clearance, reducing speed bumps to a breeze. Matching the Suzuki Swift and doing it even better? That's the attitude of Suzuki's Ignis GLX.

In with the new

Suzuki has a wonderful range of city-going vehicles able to get you from A to B in safe comfort and style – and now the new Suzuki Ignis GLX is top of this impressive pile.

Interested in testing out Suzuki's new Ignis GLX yourself? Macarthur Suzuki in Sydney has one waiting for you to test drive!